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Chỉ đơn thuần là thúc đẩy trao đổi hai chiều - đỡ phải tích trữ đô la vốn đang ngày càng thu hẹp và bất ổn

Suddenly Everyone Is Hunting for Alternatives to the US Dollar

(Bloomberg) -- King Dollar is facing a revolt. Most Read from BloombergChina Is Likely Seeing 1 Million Covid Cases, 5,000 Deaths a DayDonald Trump’s Taxes Reveal Big Losses: What We Learned So Far, in ChartsI’ve Seen Trump’s Tax Returns and Now You Can, TooBankman-Fried Associates Flip as FTX Founder Arrives in NYCMusk Lashes Out at Unhappy Investor as Tesla Shares RetreatTired of a too-strong and newly weaponized greenback, some of the world’s biggest economies are exploring ways to circumvent

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